Tsunami MT 6.0 - Released!

NeocorTech LLC has released Tsunami MT 6.0 - This version has improved translation quality, TrueType fonts, a Kanji reader for displaying the Hiragana/Katakana/Romaji of selected Kanji, the ability to send Japanese email. Call Neocor at 1-800-693-9283 to order your copy now!

Tsunami MT 6.0 - Upgrade Announced - July 1997!

NeocorTech LLC announced the release of its improved Tsunami version 6.0 software - available for sale on July 15, 1997. The upgrade includes new features such as True Type fonts, a Kanji reader, the ability to send Japanese email, and enhanced translation accuracy, in addition to a completely revised interactive translation interface. Call Neocor at 1-800-693-9283 to pre-order your upgrade now!

Tsunami MT 6.0 - Demo Download Available!

Neocor Technologies has provided a demo for Tsunami MT 6.0. It provides you with a chance to examine the full potential of the machine translator. Also, included in the demo is several sample documents which include a business letter, a personal letter, and a few sentences.

Tsunami MT 5.0 - Expanded Dictionary Depth

Neocor's MT programs come pre-loaded with extensive dictionaries with over 130,000 entries. And, with Tsunami MT 5.0, there are over 10,000 new Internet related words taken from such web sites as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Fortuen, Hot Wired, and more. This feature gives users the most up-to-date terminology for better translation results

Tsunami MT 5.0 - Improved Kanji Search System

As part of the front end processor, the Kanji Search System allows users to locate unknown Kanji. This is performed by indentifying the stroke pattern and Kanji radicals, thus narrowing down a list of possible Kanji to 10 or 20 characters. The user can then visually identify the desired Kanji and enter it into the document.

Tsunami MT 5.0 - Integration

Neocor text files can be saved in industry-standard ASCII and Shift-JIS formats for compatibility across the board with other software. However, only Neocor's translation implement OLE 2.0 technology allows users to seamlessly drag and drop English or Japanese text to and from other programs. This exclusive implementation of OLE capabilities allows users to edit, view, and print Japanese text in any OLE-compliant application, including most popular word processor and spreadsheet applications such as MS Word, Word Perfect, and MS Excel.


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